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Pharmacy Technician Certification in Mississippi

How to become a Pharmacy Technician in Mississippi

Receiving your Pharmacy Technician Certification in Mississippi will help prepare you to assist pharmacists in organizing and selling prescription medicines.

In addition, health care costs are minimized for pharmacy associated companies because of the important role the pharmacy technician performs.

Pharmacists are able to concentrate on their managerial tasks and ameliorate their focus on their patients while pharmacy technicians take care of any everyday tasks.

Nowadays, grocery and retail stores are increasingly offering pharmacy provisions right on their premises. Because of this, the increased demand for people with Pharmacy Technician Certification is high.

They are employed in retail chains, drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, and other organizations. Due to these very factors, the vocation of a pharmacy technician is predicted to escalate in the next several years.

The time has never been better than now to become a pharmacy technician.

Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians

The roles of a pharmacy technician include counting pills, labeling prescription bottles, and taking prescriptions from patients. In certain pharmacies, a pharmacy tech may be required to operate the cash register, answer phones, and so on. Basically, their duties differ from one state to the other.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

A pharmacy technician fulfills an essential place in the medical field; therefore, an education is imperative to ensure that the dispensing of information and the filling of patient’s prescriptions is carried out correctly.

Handling medications is a serious affair, and if procedures and proper dosages are not carried out cautiously fatalities can occur.

The fundamentals needed to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification test are straightforward. A high school diploma, GED, or derived equivalent, and no drug related or felony convictions. Moreover, you must be under no restrictions from any State Board of Pharmacy.

Expert training in the pharmacy technician field can be acquired at trade schools and community colleges throughout the country. Whereas each state retains their own separate requirements in order to get ahead, completing a formal training program is a necessity.

After the formal training is completed, aspiring pharmacy technicians must obtain national certification. This can be achieved by passing one of two exams, the Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy-Technician offered by the ICPT, and the Certification Exam overseen by the PTCB.

After these requirements are met, a pharmacy tech can be hired to work in a pharmacy. In order to maintain your Pharmacy Technician Certification standing, you must finish 20-hours of ongoing education every two-years. A minimum of one hour must be in pharmacy law.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

The Pharmacy Technician Certification exam is administered via computer and entails 90 multiple-choice questions covering the following subjects:

-Partaking in the administration and management of pharmacy-practice
-Sustaining medication and inventory control-systems
-Assisting pharmacists in helping patients

Numerous examination facilities are located throughout the country and since April 2009, the exam is available for the whole year. A registration fee is involved as well. Your official score will be mailed within three-weeks.

If you receive a failing mark, you can take the exam as many times as it takes until you receive a passing score. An additional exam fee must be paid with each subsequent exam.

After you pass the exam, you will procure the title of CPhT, or Certified Pharmacy Technician. You can also find free pharmacy technician certification practice test online at places like

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Mississippi

When searching for the most credible pharmacy technician schools, you must take into account a number of courses. Most pharmacy technician schools encompass nearly identical curriculums. The courses given should focus on:

-Pharmacy laws and ethics
-Pharmaceutical procedures
-Pharmacy computing
-Pharmacy computations
-Drug preparation

A pharmacy technician school should include the learning of names, uses, procedures, and dosages of the prescription medications you will be handling during your employment as a pharmacy technician.

An internship at the school of your choice would be a bonus. This means that you will gain the much treasured experience and education so crucially needed in this field.
Your pharmacy technician accreditation is important to your career. Ensure that the school you select is recognized by the US Department of Education or the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

Pharmacy Technician Online

pharmacy technician certification in MississippiYou can learn the skills required to become a pharmacy technician in a retail environment or hospital with a Pharmacy Technician Certification Online Training-Program.

You will acquire the abilities and information to meet the criteria for entry-level pharmacy positions. Then you will be ready for national certification.

The program joins up students with an instructor for one-to-one support and might consists of 40-100 hours externship. All materials are usually included and offered in conjunction with major universities, colleges, and various accredited education providers.

National Pharmacy Tech Certification Board

You will learn all that is necessary to pass the National Certification Exam given by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Nonetheless, you must make sure that the pharmacy technician program you choose meets with your state’s prerequisites.

A condition of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Online Training-Program requires you to complete a Virtual-Externship. In addition, you will have the choice of carrying out hands-on clinical-rotations based on individual state board obligations.

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Mississippi

If you are considering the idea of becoming a pharmacy technician, salaries will vary depending on your location and working environment.

Overall, your Pharmacy Technician Certification will assist you with finding the most lucrative employment, especially in states that are expensive to live in.

This includes states like Alaska, Hawaii, and California, who have a disreputably high cost of living. On the other hand, states with lower-costs of living like Oklahoma or Alabama offer salaries in proportion to their region.

The dissimilarities between the higher and lower salaries are significant. For example, the standard salary in California for a pharmacy technician is around $35,500. In Alabama, the average salary is around $24,000. The difference is quite obvious!

In relation to the dissimilarities in work settings, hospital pharmacies offer the highest salaries. Hospital pharmacies on average offer salaries anywhere from $8.80 to $16.73 per-hour.

Retail pharmacies pay from $8.43 to $16.60 per-hour. The distinctions in work settings are not quite as drastic as the work vicinity. With your Pharmacy Technician Certification, good training, and experience, you can add to the value of your skills and increase your salary too!

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